We have put together some information which we hope will assist you through the first few weeks and beyond as a new member of our club.

Communication & Questions

We encourage everyone to ask questions however; sometimes the teachers may not be able to spend a lot of time with you whilst the classes are on.  Please direct your questions to the duty parent.  Alternatively if you would prefer to speak with your class teacher please feel welcome to either call or email us and we willdefinitely respond to you in a timely manner. We believe that open communication is the key to our clubs success!


What to wear

The teachers need to be able to see how your child's body is moving to be able to assist in correct posture and movement. We request that each student wears a leotard, bike pants/leggings, a crop top or fitted singlet. A t-shirt with a singlet / leotard under will be acceptable during the colder months until we get our bodies warm to be able to remove through the class. We do not wear any shoes however socks in winter can assist in the warm up process. Please have your child's hair secured in a ponytail, bun or pinned back out of their faces.


Can we stay and watch our Children?

The teachers are happy for you to watch your child however we do ask that you sit in the designated areas and that you keep younger children as quiet as possible as students are very easily distracted. If you are dropping your child please ensure that you advise the teacher that they have arrived and sign your child in. It is a requirement of our insurance to have all students attendance documented.  We ask that all students stay within the hall/venue until a parent or care giver arrives. Again please let the teacher know that you have come to collect your child.



Throughout the year our club will engage in fundraising events which will help raise monies for the growth of the club as well as provide an opportunity for families to

meet and socialise in a fun way. We welcome your ideas and contributions. 



We understand that there will be times when your child will not be able to attend their class due to either holidays or sickness. Please let us know in advance if you are going away for holidays. If your child is unwell please be respectful to the other students/teachers & give them some time off in class to recuperate. We love teaching and need to stay as healthy as possible to be able to attend every class.


Class TImes/Punctuality

Everyone’s time is precious so we would ask that you have your child at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start time. Each student is required to stretch & warm up BEFORE their class; this will cut down on any injuries especially during the colder months.


How do I pay my Fees?

Fees are payable in three equal blocks worked over the year. The dates in which the fees are due are in the members booklet.  You will receive an invoice via email with the due dates. You can choose to pay by Bank transfer or see Jenny at the door to pay by Credit Card. If at any time you are having financial difficulties please speak directly with Cheryl- this will be kept STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.



Competitions are not compulsory, however we do encourage all of our students to participate as the experience will help their confidence along with forging friendships with girls from other clubs. Physie offers individual and team competitions.



Throughout the year the club will be invited to compete in two interclub competitions. This may involve some travelling and an overnight stay. All students will be advised of the dates and a small entrance fee will be required should you decide to compete.



The Junior Queensland Zone competitions are divided into two separate weekends. Individual competition is usually held in October in the Brisbane area.  Should your child be in a team these are also held in October at Ormiston College. Dates & venues for all competitions will be confirmed throughout the year. Seniors and ladies Zones competitions held in October at Ormiston College.


Nationals and Repechage

Girls who are placed at junior Zone Finals will advance to the National Finals which are held at Sydney Olympic Park late November. Girls who do not place at the Qld Zone Finals have an opportunity to compete at repechage also held in Sydney and if placed there advance to the National Finals. Seniors and Ladies also have opportunities to advance to the National competitions.



Being a part of a team offers the opportunity for your child to foster team spirit, increase self-confidence and self-esteem whilst building friendships. Teams comprise of 8 students usually within the same age groups, however your child may be asked to work up or down to help make up a team. A full commitment is required if selected to be in a team.