Our Teachers    

At Bayside Physie you can be assured you will not only have a fun time getting fit, but you will be in the best, most capable hands the industry has to offer! We currently have five teachers in residence and an assistant teacher.

Cheryl Chelman

Head Associate Teacher

Cheryl has been involved with Physie for over 40 years. During this time she has achieved numerous Zone, State and National places, Individually and teams. When Cheryl moved to QLD it provided an opportunity to start a club of her own. Cheryl has extensive experience working with children who have special needs. Her passion and dedication for Physie continues to provide a great foundation in building the BaySide Physie Club. 


Bec Euston

Associate Teacher


Bec started Physie as a preschooler in NSW, she continued doing Physie until her preteen years where she started to pursue other interests. 
Once Bec started back at Physie after her son was born, she was hooked. She enjoys teaching all age groups and watching the girls and ladies grow over the year. She loves physie because it is truely a family sport and can be done by many generations of the same family.


Erin Thornton

Associate Teacher


With an infectious love and dedication for physie, Erin has been involved with physie since the age of 2. As a result of her involvement from such a young age, Erin has acquired a wealth of knowledge that has proved to be an asset for BaySide. 

Success at Nationals,Zone and Championship teams have been just a few highlights over Erin's physie career. She is grateful to share this lifelong physie journey with her 2 daughters who also have an undeniable love for this sport.


Summer Brown

Assistant Teacher


Summer started with BaySide as a 5 1/2 year old and has been with the club ever since. She has had some great successes over the last 9 years with winning teams, making zone finals, Repechage places and National Finals.
Her love for the younger generation is something to admire. Many of our young BaySiders look up to Summer and it is wonderful to have her join teaching team in 2022.


Lacey Thornton

Assistant Teacher


The daughter of Associate Teacher, Erin, Lacey has grown up doing Physie. She started with us as a little 4 year old & it has been  a joy to watch her physie grow each year. 
Lacey has been to Nationsl every year that she was eligible to attend and has been apart of winning and placing teams year after year. We are excited to have her in our team this year. She will be helping out with our Little Butterflies and 5-8 years on a Saturday.